How to wear the bodysuit properly?

How to wear the bodysuit properly?

The body is the flagship of fashion trends and women's lingerie, the body has met with great success in recent years. Halfway between chic underwear and worked tops, the bodies are proposed in multiple cuts and designs. Lace bodysuit for a romantic style, cotton for comfort, short or long sleeves, sheathing or fluid body, the universe of possibilities is infinite. This piece of lingerie which integrates both a bra, with or without underwire, and a bottom, can be worn as underwear but also as a top to be combined in a thousand and one ways.

How to wear a bodysuit?
Real asset of seduction, this glamorous underwear which knows how to emphasize the feminine curves also promises comfort all day long. To put on a bodysuit, just open the snap button and slide it from top to bottom. Then, as with all bras, it is possible to close the clips in the back once the body is in place, or to turn the body to close it and then turn it over. Finally, button up the snaps at the bottom once the garment is fitted. To provide optimal support for the chest, be sure to adjust the straps so that they are neither too loose nor too tight. To remove a bodysuit quickly, simply undo the bottom snaps and pull the bodysuit up slightly. Easy to put on, this seductive top will be an everyday ally for women of all shapes and sizes.

Is it necessary to put a panty under a bodysuit?
There is no rule. It's up to each one to do as she pleases. The bodies already include a bottom, which closes at the crotch with small snaps. Favoring aesthetics, some women wear it directly on the skin. Others feel more comfortable wearing it over panties, a thong or a thong. However, be careful to opt for a discreet bottom in harmony with the cut of the body. For example, avoid shorty or boxer shorts that cover the buttocks. Similarly, prefer a Brazilian briefs rather than a high-waisted panty that could mark a thickness at the hips.

Wearing a bodysuit with tights
A protean ready-to-wear piece, the underwear bodysuit offers a beautiful alternative to the daytime lingerie set or the panty bra duo. Under a skirt or a small dress, we will appreciate to put on tights. To stay comfortable all day long, it's better to put the tights on first, as long as you wear a stocking under the body.

What to wear with a black bodysuit?
Both versatile and original, the black bodysuit is the ideal top to multiply the styles according to your desires. A classic and sober model, with thin straps and a round collar can be combined with slim jeans and a fitted jacket for a "working girl" look. The urban spirit will invoke the combination of dungarees and sneakers. In the fall, the combination of a fitted bodysuit and a short suede skirt over opaque tights will be very elegant.