How to wear the bodysuit in the city?

How to wear the bodysuit in the city?

Generally speaking, the body is considered as a lingerie accessory that is worn underneath the clothes. The problem is that brands are creating more and more beautiful and trendy bodysuits. And us, it makes us want to show it, our body ! Little guide to proudly display your body in the city, in the evening and even at the office.

Alerte: the bodysuit is an essential part of our dressing room. To be a stylish girl, it is better to know how to tame the bodysuit. For the others, follow the guide!

The fashion influencers have understood it: the bodysuit is an essential. In addition to keeping warm, it sublimates and shapes the silhouette. Halfway between top and underwear, it guarantees you a little sexy effect, just what you need. Plus, it goes with almost everything.

The ultimate argument: it's Beyoncé's favorite piece of fashion. In short, how do you not want to crack?

Trendy body: how to choose it?
Wearing a body suit in the city is not an easy task. If in summer, at the beach or in the evening it is rather easy to assume, the trendy bodysuit becomes a real headache when it comes to adapt it during the day. However, it all depends on how you choose it and how you wear it.

Fashion piece known for its femininity, it comes in different models. Long sleeves in winter, tank top in summer, it adapts to the seasons as much as to the style of clothing.

Sexy in lace, trendy in velvet or lurex, it remains classic in stretch or ribbed cotton. Opt for a backless model for a fashion style even more assertive.

One piece of advice not to forget: choose a model with snaps. Whether you wear the bodysuit during the day or in the evening, it will be much (much) more practical! We guarantee it...

How to wear the bodysuit?
During the day, nothing could be simpler. The bodysuit goes with (almost) everything. You just have to know if you want to show it or not.

If you assume your body, we have the perfect equation for you: trendy jeans, a body, a bomber and you're done! Idem for a high waist skirt. This season, we fall for velvet models under a jean skirt. Very simple, but very trendy.