Women's lingerie is a staple in our wardrobes. It is found in its own way in a large majority of women.

For a few years, we can see a lingerie accessory taking place next to women's underwear.

For its practicality or aesthetics, we find different styles for all tastes.

Garter belt, garter, waistband, mask, lingerie jewelry and other accessories!

The lingerie accessories appeared one after another over time, each with its history and its particularity, but we can not wear them anytime and any way.

Therefore, let's see together how to choose them to embellish our outfit.

It all starts with the garter, present since the Middle Ages, in the culture of weddings. At that time, the groom wears it as a decorative ribbon at mid-thigh. The groom had to remove it or the young men invited before the end of the wedding. It is considered this taking of piece as a ritual of luck.

It was in the nineteenth century that the garter was auctioned to supplement the profit of the bride and groom. In some festivities, the donor earns the right to remove it from the bride's leg. It is also at this period that the ribbon becomes a frilly elastic.

In the twelfth century, the message garters make their entrance. They were embroidered with messages transforming this one into an intimate message passage. From message suggested to their beloved, to the French Revolution, women transform their sweet words in political expression.

They will even be used a few years later to carry valuable objects or contraband resold.

From a mixed ribbon to maintain the stockings, it is today in fabrics and elastic worn higher and became a sensual feminine piece while remaining a means of expression for the woman.

Lingerie accessory, the garter imagined by Les Péchés de SarahThe garter by Les Péchés de Sarah, available in lingerie accessories.
Legend has it that Gustave Eiffel was the one who invented the garter belt, tired of seeing his wife's stockings fall off.

But in reality, it is the corsetier Féréol Dedieu who made it in 1876 for medical reasons.

Less glamorous than today, this lingerie accessory was dedicated to blood circulation problems due to the elastic of the garter.

Towards the end of the XIXth century, this piece seduced few French women but it was very successful in England and in the United States.

Little by little, women abandon the corset. It is with the arrival of reduced underwear and that the French take taste in the garter belt that accompanies their bras and panties.

In the 1960s, the arrival of pantyhose erase our lingerie accessory, no longer need them to hold our stockings. The garter belt ended up coming back as a fine and sophisticated piece of lingerie in the 1970s.

The suspender belt among the lingerie accessories Les Péchés de SarahLuxury suspender belt imagined by Les Péchés de Sarah, a lingerie accessory from the 2019 collection
Originally, it is a small corset that maintained only the waist and the belly. It was used to mark the waist without encompassing the bust and without garter belt.

Nowadays, we associate the waist cincher or waist shaper with the garter belt when we talk about it. It is worn in high waist above the hips.

The plastic stays and the replacement of the rigid busk by a fabric or plastic reinforcement make it more comfortable.

Some manufacturers offer it as its origin in their product lines following a wave of burlesque style.

Today, it has become 100% accessory.

The harness was originally intended for harnessing, whether it was for climbing or tree trimmers.

The 1900's were the time of the appearance of erotic accessories like harnesses.

Since the 2000s, the lingerie harness has become an aesthetic accessory to complete our underwear sets.

Lingerie accessory created by Les Péchés de Sarah : the harnessLes Péchés de Sarah harness set created for Valentine's Day2019

Imagine, the 1800's, large rooms lit with candles, white curly wigs, white complexion, marquises dressed in beautiful gowns and a masked ball. At that time, no costume as one can find in any kind. The masks alone were enough