How To Wear A Lace Bodysuit Outside The Bedroom

How To Wear A Lace Bodysuit Outside The Bedroom

Why You Should Wear A Bodysuit Out

When you wear a bodysuit/teddy out, you do not have to worry about it coming untucked as they are one piece (sort of like a one-piece swimsuit.) I think it’s a plus when going out that you don’t have to worry about your shirt bunching or moving.  For me, I even love to wear a bodysuit when doing “mom things” as it stays in place well, even with picking up my little man or running errands.


How to choose a lingerie body?

The lingerie bodysuit is the ultimate weapon of seduction and a particularly comfortable undergarment. This piece of lingerie has never gone out of fashion and even regularly sees amazing innovations.

If some women shun the bodysuit because they consider it too daring or too restrictive in everyday life, many are those who could not do without it as they have integrated it into their lingerie routine. Discover in this article the fascinating world of the bodysuit in the world of lingerie.

The different shapes of lingerie bodysuit

The lingerie bodysuit is worn under clothing, precisely as underwear since it replaces the two essential pieces. It is offered in models with or without integrated bra. This last choice is made primarily according to the morphology and the level of comfort desired by each woman.

The lingerie bodysuit is a piece of women's wardrobe in its own right, whether it is concealed under its primers or subtly evoked in the hollow of a neckline under a closed blazer jacket for example. What better way to harmoniously, and with studied elegance, emphasize our forms ladies? That said, do not be mistaken, the bodysuit is not unpleasant to wear. Its followers even say it is comfortable and practical, since at no time a part of their intimacy would be revealed. Choose a bodysuit that best suits your body type and shape. The main body types are A, H, X, 8, V or O shape.


What color lingerie bodysuit to wear?

If you are still new to the world of lingerie and the bodysuit as a piece to wear as underwear, we advise you to opt for classic colors, which have proven themselves and whose success has never been denied: black, red or white.

If you're a little more experienced in the field we're talking about here, you can dare to go for more abrupt and offbeat colors. It all depends on your confidence and the desired effect. If you want to suggest your bodysuit through your effects, choose a color in harmony with your clothes to avoid risking a random mix of colors.

Here are some tips to match the color of your lingerie bodysuit in all circumstances:

- Women with red or brown hair can dare bodysuits with shimmering colors in red, green or deep blue tones.

- Women with light skin and/or blondes should choose pastel or powdery colors.

- Women with dark or black skin are free to choose the colors they want, since their skin will bring out all the possible tones!

Then comes naturally the choice of the material and the shape, more or less sexy of the bodysuit, which will belong to the tastes and desires of each!

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