How to wear a bodysuit with high waist pants?

How to wear a bodysuit with high waist pants?

Fashionistas love it: the combination of high waist jeans and bodysuit gives a sexy look with a touch of retro. For an original style, opt for a sober white bodysuit and high rise jeans, to be revived with a floral pattern kimono. Black high waist pants and dark body will create a total rock look. For an evening outfit or a business meeting, opt for chic pants to be tied at the waist, to be combined with a lace V-neck bodysuit. Choose shades of pearly white or trendy colors like wine red or fir green.

How to wear the bodysuit properly?

The body is the flagship of fashion trends and women's lingerie, the body has met with great success in recent years. Halfway between chic underwear and worked tops, the bodies are proposed in multiple cuts and designs. Lace bodysuit for a romantic style, cotton for comfort, short or long sleeves, sheathing or fluid body, the universe of possibilities is infinite. This piece of lingerie which integrates both a bra, with or without underwire, and a bottom, can be worn as underwear but also as a top to be combined in a thousand and one ways.


The bodysuit is a fashionable underwear. It occupies today a place among the essential items in the women's lingerie collection. Every woman should have a sober or sexy model in her wardrobe.
Given its primary function (underwear), the body is intended to slip under your clothes. But thanks to the incredible evolution and progress in the lingerie fashion industry, the body has become an underwear that you can proudly display. This lingerie made more and more beautiful, seductive and glamorous, makes some women want to wear it as a Top or other. Hiding it is no longer the order of the day.

One can indeed say that the women's body is half underwear and half clothing. The double nature of use of this lingerie, causes in the women several questionings: some wonder if the body is made for them and some wonder if this leotard is not too daring, too sexy and does not expose too much their physique. The rest of the women would like to know how to combine or associate the bodysuit with their different outfits. Good news!! Team Sublim Curve gives you a little Topo/Tips to wear your body with elegance.

Choose your women's bodysuit with your body shape as your first criterion. Keep in mind that the beauty of your lingerie piece is not everything. A body that fits perfectly to your body, brings out all your femininity accompanied by all the sensuality and sex appeal that you can release. Want some good news? Yes, there is a model of body, for every type of woman, ready to divinely magnify their silhouette. Don't hesitate to adopt a Sublim look!

This statement will certainly surprise many people, but as we just told you, the body can be used by everyone !!! It is true that the body is first of all a tight lingerie. This could be a nuisance for women with some small physical defects. Focusing on bulges or other unsightly parts of their body would be to their disadvantage.
Be reassured, the incipient and recognized progress in the world of the sculpting lingerie makes it possible today, to propose to these women, models answering their expectations. The sheathing body is your ally to mask your curves and sublimate your curves. It comes in several shapes and colors and has options such as: long sleeves, boat neck, turtleneck, maxi body neckline ... In short, all women find their happiness in the sculpting body.

Simple tight bodysuits are not recommended for women with an imposing physique and very expressive shapes. The option of close-fitting bodies with a bloué effect will delight these women.

Bodies equipped with frills are to be put aside for women with a very pronounced shoulder circumference.

To avoid vulgarity, the body with maxi neckline option would only be suitable for women with less developed breasts. For the sake of presentation and design, the bodysuit with a neckline in the back should be worn without a bra. Transparent bodies, V-neck, as many options available.

The long-sleeved bodysuit is ideal for women who are complexed by the shape of their arms. They can also add a masculine jacket as an alternative.