How to wear a bodysuit well?

Wearing a black bodysuit
The bodysuit is a key piece of fashion and lingerie trends for women, and has been very successful in recent years. Halfway between the chic underwear and the worked top, the bodysuits are proposed in multiple cuts and design. Lace bodysuits for a romantic style, cotton bodysuits for comfort, short or long sleeves, sheathing or flowing bodysuits, the universe of possibilities is infinite. This piece of lingerie which integrates both a bra, with or without underwire, and a stocking, can be worn as an undergarment but also as a top to be combined in a thousand and one ways.
How to wear a bodysuit?
A real asset of seduction, this glamorous underwear that knows how to highlight the female curves also promises comfort throughout the day. To put on a bodysuit, simply open the snap and slide it up and down. Then, as with all bras, you can close the clips in the back once the bodysuit is in place, or turn the bodysuit to close it and then flip it over. Finally, button the snaps at the bottom once the garment is adjusted. To provide optimal support for the chest, make sure the straps are adjusted so that they are neither too loose nor too tight. To quickly remove a bodysuit, simply undo the bottom snaps and pull the bodysuit up slightly. Easy to put on, this seductive top will be an everyday ally for women, whatever their morphology.

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Should I wear panties under a bodysuit?
There is no rule. To each one to make as it pleases to her. The bodies already integrate a bottom, which closes at the crotch thanks to small pressures. Favoring aesthetics, some women wear it next to their skin. Others feel more comfortable wearing it over panties, a thong or a tanga. Be careful, however, to choose a discreet bottom that matches the cut of the bodysuit. Avoid, for example, shorty or boxer shorts that cover the buttocks. Similarly, prefer a Brazilian panty rather than a high-waisted panty that could mark a thickness at the hips.

Wearing a bodysuit with tights
A protean ready-to-wear piece, the bodysuit as an undergarment offers a nice alternative to the daytime lingerie set or the bra and panty duo. Under a skirt or a little dress, we will appreciate to put on a tights. To stay comfortable all day, it is preferable to put on the tights first, provided you wear a stocking under the bodysuit.

What to wear with a black bodysuit?
Both versatile and original, the black bodysuit is the ideal top to multiply styles according to your desires. A classic and sober model, with thin straps and a round collar can be associated with slim jeans and a fitted jacket for a "working girl" look. The urban spirit will invoke the combination of overalls and sneakers. In the fall, the combination of a body suit and a short suede skirt over opaque tights will be very elegant.

Since there is a multitude of bodysuits, you are free to create your outfit according to your tastes and your morphology. If you have a curvy figure, you can show off your generous curves with a body top with wide straps and a V-neckline to enhance your assets in all elegance, associated with a leather skirt and a cape coat in a dapper color. Women with small breasts will be tempted by models without underwire for a plunging neckline and without artifice.

Wear a black lace bodysuit by Lise Charmel

Very trendy, the triangle-shaped cutouts will be ravishing under a jacket or a casual vest. The long-sleeved bodysuit will be elegant by marrying it with a velvet skirt, while the bare back models will go wonderfully with tight pants.

The great originality of the bodysuit is to reveal the world of lingerie without ever doing too much. The art is to suggest without revealing. The bodysuits, resolutely inspired by the world of underwear, let perceive pretty guipures or embroidery in black or colored lace. Play the card of casual glamour by balancing your outfit with a tweed jacket, a perfecto or a loose sweater. For a classy woman's style, the black lace bodysuit that can be seen under a tuxedo or a suit jacket is irresistible.

How to wear a bodysuit with high-waisted pants?
How to wear a black bodysuit with pants?

Fashionistas love it: the combination of high-waisted jeans and bodysuit gives a sexy look and a touch of retro. For an original style, bet on a sober white bodysuit and high waisted jeans, to revive with a floral kimono. Black high waisted pants and dark bodysuit will create a total rock look. For an evening outfit or a professional meeting, bet on chic pants to tie at the waist, to associate with a lace V-neck bodysuit. Privilég

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