How to Wear a Bodysuit This Summer

How to Wear a Bodysuit This Summer

 Since a few seasons, the trend of apparent lingerie seduces the fashion world. Whether it's a brief, a trendy bodysuit or a triangle bra to slip under a sweater or a blouse... we explain everything to help you safely approach the current fashion trend.

Exposed lingerie: which models to choose?
When some love handbags, others accumulate lingerie pieces. Panties, thong, bra, push-up or trendy body, all models follow one another and do not look alike.

However, if they accompany us on a daily basis, our underwear tends to remain buried under our sweaters, shirts and other t-shirts. And it's a shame, because some models deserve to be revealed.

And that's why the trend for visible lingerie has been in full swing in recent seasons. Triangle bra or lace body, all your favorite lingerie pieces are now on display.

There are two schools of color. Neutral tones, such as nude, powder pink, white or black will be perfect under a transparent blouse or V-neck sweater. For the more adventurous, tangy or pop lingerie can slip under an oversized blazer or wool cardigan.

In addition to the bra, let yourself be tempted by a satin camisole, a lace bustier or a low-cut bodysuit. So many pieces of lingerie that will perfectly match your essential everyday fashion.

A Shaping Effect To Enhance The Shapes, The Body Enhances Femininity But Will Also Have A Winning Effect, That Everyone Will Appreciate To Wear Under A Dress...

How to wear visible lingerie?
Some fashionable pieces are particularly well suited to the game of visible lingerie. The V-neck sweater, the wool cardigan or the transparent blouse are good bases to highlight your lace bra or body.

The combination that works for sure? A large white shirt combined with a nice triangle bra or a lace body. With such a duo, all you have to do is put on high-waisted jeans and a pair of trendy sneakers.

Several Models To Vary The Effects And The Envies. In Triangle Version With Adjustable Straps Or In Bustier Version, The Lingerie Collection Declines All Its Subtleties.

The oversize cardigan has been everywhere for several seasons. We have fun to divert this typical piece of the neo-bourgeois style by associating it with a fine lace bra or with an indented bodysuit. Unbutton the top of your cardigan to reveal a piece of your lingerie. Add a few golden necklaces to dress up the cleavage and you're ready to go!

Thanks to its adjustable straps, the body adapts to all body types. As far as fabrics are concerned, the brand likes to play with transparency, revealing the most beautiful assets of your femininity. Black, Nude, With Golden Or White Straps Or Playing On Contrast With Silver... Chic Is Always On The Date.

In the evening, go for it with a men's blazer worn open with a black lace braid. At the bottom, add high-waisted pants and thin sandals. A minimalist combination that works wonders!

How to Wear It: Bodysuits

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