How to wear a bodysuit properly?

How to wear a bodysuit properly?

Originally it is a sportswear worn by gymnasts and dancers. In the 50s, it became trendy thanks to the dance scenes from the famous movie Flashdance in which the actress wears a body suit. Today, whether in underwear or tops, it sublimates your silhouette and is available in several models. Tank top, short sleeves, long sleeves, lace or velvet there is something for every taste!

Instead, wear a bodysuit with thick straps or three-quarter sleeves. Unlike the body lingerie, it can be worn the same way as a top. You can combine it with flared pants, a skater skirt or even high waist pants!

On the shoes side, pumps for an elegant look in evening wear, sneakers or boots for a casual look during the day.

For a casual and feminine outfit, wear the bodysuit slightly visible under a loose shirt or a t-shirt with a little cleavage. Combined with raw jeans and a pair of sneakers, it's a look you can wear day or night!

Wearing the body as a top
Beyond lingerie, the body is also a garment in its own right! Since it is a generally tight piece, it is necessary to be careful to associate it with elegant and sober clothes. Avoid very daring or tight pieces so as not to overdo it.

For slender silhouettes, you can opt for a plunging neckline at the front and at the back. Use glittery, glittery or even transparent fabrics to enhance your upper body.

For more generous shapes and O-, X- or V-shaped silhouettes, opt for round collars or boat necks. For the material, prefer matte and plain fabrics.