The bodysuit is at the heart of the current trend. This piece of lingerie has become an essential part of your wardrobe. Generally, it is worn under clothes, but the refinement and finesse of some bodies make you want to show it. The bodysuit is neither quite an underwear, nor quite a garment and raises many questions: Is it made for me? Isn't it too provocative? How to wear a bodysuit according to the occasions and your desires. Don't panic, Simone Pérèle is there to help you find the best way to wear a bodysuit!

A seductive asset, a touch of elegance on a casual style or an ultra-comfortable piece for the day, the bodysuit is truly an element that can be worn everywhere.

Lace body, cotton body, with short or long sleeves, sheathing body, the body is declined to infinity. Both high (bra) and low (panties), there are bodies resolutely "lingerie" and bodies that are worn like tops. It is not always easy to know which body to wear.

As with all pieces of lingerie, you must choose your body according to your morphology. Then will come your preferences of colors and materials. Do not hesitate to refer to our article "choosing your lingerie according to your morphology" to know which type of silhouette you belong to.

This bodysuit is worn as a top and looks like a garment in its own right. Take advantage of your slender silhouette to wear a body top. Contrary to a body lingerie, you can wear it safely during the day with a casual style and at night for a more sophisticated look. With it, you can allow yourself everything, plunging necklines, front or back, whatever the material or shape, it will enhance you.

If you have a rounder silhouette and more generous shapes, opt for a body top with wide straps and more coverage at the neckline to highlight your assets in all elegance.

The body lingerie is halfway between clothing and underwear. Body lingerie is often associated with sexy lingerie. It mixes laces and plays of transparencies to sublimate your curves. If you want to let it appear, it is important to take into account different factors such as your age and environment in order not to appear too provocative or offbeat.

The casual style combining casual jeans and a body lingerie under a t-shirt with an ultra-plunging neckline or a perfecto is ideal for a woman of 30 years old. It can be considered tacky for a woman in her 50s. So, if you are older, the body lingerie will fit better to a sophisticated look with a high waist skirt for example. It guarantees you a very feminine and elegant silhouette.

The occasion and the people you will meet are also 2 important criteria that you should not forget. The slightly visible lace details of a body lingerie are perfect seduction allies during a love date. On the other hand during a professional appointment, we advise you to choose a body lingerie that knows how to be forgotten and stay in place under your clothes to give you all the confidence you need. In any case, don't forget that the sheathing bodysuit is also the ideal companion for a dream figure: under a tight dress or a tighter suit.

Also know how to associate your body lingerie to your body shape. It can indeed be flexible, without underwire and without shells at the bra level. This type of body is particularly recommended for H or X-shaped silhouettes. If you have a rather small bust, a triangle shape at the level of the bra of the body will be your best ally seduction.