How to offer feminine lingerie?

How to offer feminine lingerie?

It is a beautiful gift that you can give to a woman. More than flowers, offering lingerie sends a strong message, a sweet and personal word at the same time, an invitation. It can be synonymous with passion, love and desire; it also has the ability to express softness or boldness through a multitude of cuts and styles of all kinds. Still, it is necessary to choose what to choose... Luckily, we've put together a little guide to help you find your way around.

Choosing the lingerie to offer
Which model to choose? There are so many... Sets, corset, babydolls. Everything to lose your head! Ideally, you should proceed in stages. First of all, you need to know for which event you want to spoil her. Is it for a birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas? Or without any particular event, just to please her?

Whatever the date, there is a theme to guide you, love that is celebrated on February 14th, complicity and rapprochement at the end of the year, etc... once you are located, let's move on.

Think about her
All the magic of a gift lies in the fact that you thought of this person to offer it to him or her. It will thus seem normal to make it according to her, her body, her morphology - you will find below our advice for the choice of sizes - You must keep in mind that a young woman of 20 years old and a woman of 50 years old will not have the same tastes, and their bodies will be quite different. This doesn't mean that a more mature woman can't be sexy, on the contrary. On the contrary, she will have different needs such as a good support for example.

To offer a gift for Valentine's Day, to a young woman in her twenties quite thin with a small chest: we are in the first steps of seduction, the possibilities are numerous, because we can start on something new to create new experiences. However, her personality will have to be taken into account. Choosing a daring model that does not correspond to her character is forbidden. If you see her as a daring woman, who likes seduction with a touch of provocation, you can imagine outfits in vinyl materials or lingerie with transparency. Valentine's Day is the feast of love, the color red is the most widespread although it is not written as an obligation.

Now let's take a 30-year-old woman who has generous shapes. Gift ideas for her birthday present: This is a period of life when we become more woman than ever. We want to seduce and we assume our forms far from the clichés of fashion. We are here in a case where everything is to be taken into account. Is she comfortable with her body