how to have fun while choosing lingerie?

how to have fun while choosing lingerie?

Of course, when you choose lingerie, you think of your partner. You want to please him with lingerie that he likes, like the garter belt for example, and this is a very good initiative. It helps to awaken the libido, to create new cuddly moments, to play new games for adults, why not. Lingerie is often recommended as a way to regain some intimacy in a couple or to get out of the usual routine. By choosing a lingerie that pleases Mr. or Mrs. as well, you're on the right track. It is even necessary and indispensable in the sense that if you choose something he doesn't like, you will get the exact opposite of what you want.

However, don't forget for a moment that it is you who wears this lingerie. So you must feel comfortable in it and above all you must like it. Indeed, lingerie is made to seduce. But how can you seduce if you don't feel comfortable with what you are wearing, or if you don't feel beautiful in it? By consulting the lingerie catalogs, you will discover a very large assortment of very varied outfits, both in terms of colors, materials such as lace or satin, as well as in terms of the style obtained. Take the time to choose well, because if a daily panties does not necessarily have much incidence, a lingerie intended for a little more important moment makes there for much in the success of this moment. But to wear lingerie without envy or without believing in it is simply doomed to failure.

There is sometimes a trap with all the lingerie that is offered on the internet, it is the model's one. Obviously, the world of lingerie is associated with the world of seduction and charm. Hence the use of mannequins to which you can't help but compare yourself. Except that all women are different. You are not the one in the picture. What looks good in a photo, what can make you look attractive with a few photos, will not necessarily be so for all women. So you need to know your body, so that you can compare not the rendering of the piece of lingerie on the model, but the piece itself by imagining it on your own body.

Add naughty lingerie pieces

Lingerie is more than just classic pieces. There are always possibilities of personalization and accessorization. Very classically, one thinks of stockings and garter belts right from the start. It is a lingerie that men really appreciate. However, it is necessary that the set is chosen wisely. Naughty bra and panty sets that don't match the garter belt are a matter of taste.

In fact, to put it simply, you can wear self-adhesive tights. The part usually made of lace or fake lace which is at the very top sticks, without being unpleasant, to the skin. Thus, you have the charm of the stockings without having the sometimes a little complicated side to put them on or make them fit properly on the leg.

Beyond the classic stockings and garter belts, there are less common accessories, which nevertheless make their effect. First of all, there are the nipple covers, which you can find to match your light outfit. They are worn when you choose a cup bra or a corset that is open at the top of the bust. As long as there is nothing to interfere with the freedom of the breasts, a teton cup is ideal. It comes to be posed like a small delicacy, like a small candy which pretends to hide to in fact reveal the breast.