How to choose your sexy lingerie?

How to choose your sexy lingerie?

Lingerie is about pleasure, ego, fantasy, sensuality. It is therefore both a frivolous and serious matter to choose it according to you and your intentions. The little guide to come should help you to find your way in your lingerie desires.

Choose a lingerie adapted to your morphology
Lingerie is a very good way to indulge yourself. It enhances the body, marks femininity and is also based on the fact that we know how to take care of ourselves. Of course, lingerie is not just for you. It is also there to talk to your partner. It enhances your assets, draws in an impeccable way your desire to share moments of tenderness or torrid exchanges. But whatever you want to put behind the lingerie, there is first of all an imperative, which is to choose it correctly. And that means choosing underwear that is adapted to your body type.

Sometimes you have to say things in ambages. Not all women can be comfortable with all lingerie. You wonder about your weight, but it is a mistake to believe that only weight determines which lingerie you can wear. Small or large, generous chest or more discreet, long legs or not, a slightly rounded belly or not, drawn hips, flat or on the contrary bouncy buttocks, one could still list the morphologies for a long time point by point, or by having an overall view. Then, faced with such a disparity of physique, it would be wrong to believe that everyone can wear the same outfit. It is not a question of physical appreciation, just of morphology.

To be comfortable in your feminine lingerie, you must already ask yourself how you look at your own body. Consult the catalogs of sexy lingerie sites or loveshop style sites, such as Fantasmx, and you will discover a variety that you did not suspect. There are bras more or less deep, more or less discovered. There are panties, thongs or thongs more or less covering. When you look at everything from babydoll, corset, babydoll, nightie, negligee and bodysuit or corset, for example, some uncover the belly, shoulders and hips more or less markedly as well.

In order to be comfortable, whatever model you choose, you have to be comfortable with yourself. Let's take an example: if you feel complex about your buttocks, are you going to choose a minimalist thong as your new fine lingerie? You might be able to opt for a thong more simply. It's sexy, but it covers the buttocks. You want to seduce the other one, you will do it the same way in one outfit or another. So you have to look at your body and the way you perceive it. What you like about yourself, what makes you complex, what you want to put forward, all this has to be taken into account when choosing a lingerie set that will fit you like a glove.