How to choose your mismatched lingerie?

How to choose your mismatched lingerie?

Sure, you can mix and match the underwear you already own. But if you feel like shopping, go to the store!
To choose your bra and stockings, it's best to stay in the same style. For example, avoid the very chic lace bra with sporty cotton panties. The effect is not necessarily flattering.
On the other hand, you can mix colors and prints as much as you want.

If you want to wear a skin-colored invisible bra, you can combine it with a burgundy, black or sky blue stocking.

For a very vitaminic look, especially in summer, you can wear associated colors: pink, yellow or orange, for example.

On the printed side, you have to respect the same fashion rules of the mix'n'match. Dots, flowers and stripes mix very well together if the colors match.

The bodysuit is at the heart of the current trend. This piece of lingerie has become an essential part of your wardrobe. Generally, it is worn under clothes, but the refinement and finesse of some bodies make you want to show it. The bodysuit is not quite an underwear, nor quite a garment and raises many questions: