How to choose the right bodysuit?

How to choose the right bodysuit?

Remember that there are generally two categories of body: body lingerie and body top. You will wear them in different ways, according to your tastes but also according to the occasion and your morphology.

The body lingerie
The body lingerie often looks like sexy lingerie. A mixture of lace and transparent fiber. It is an intimate piece, just like other pieces of lingerie. This type of body is therefore worn under clothes, or to make a nice surprise in a complicit moment ...

The underwear bodysuit is ideal to change from your usual lingerie. You will find most often refined and delicate materials such as lace, but also plumetis or veil. If you are a fan of classic lingerie, the simple white or beige models can be worn under all types of clothes. There are also colored versions, plain or patterned according to your desires.

Apart from the comfort it provides, the underwear body also has the function of highlighting your figure. A triangular body is perfect to sublimate I- or H-shaped silhouettes with small breasts. On the other hand, when you have generous shapes or large breasts, the underwear body with integrated bra will be your best asset. These bodysuits have underwire to enhance your body. Also, opt for a body with shorty stockings if you have rather large hips.

The body top
The body top is worn as a garment in its own right. Unlike body lingerie, it can be worn without any risk and everywhere. It will allow you to have a relaxed and fashionable look. When you are small, you can afford everything. Neckline plunging in the back or in front, it's up to you. Short or long sleeves, let yourself go! Be creative and adopt different styles. Try it with pants or a skirt, the result is always perfect.

If you have generous shapes, prefer body tops with wide straps, and more closed at the chest to highlight your assets while remaining elegant. In addition, some women wonder whether to wear their body with or without panties. In reality there are no rules to respect at this level. However, the bodysuit is integrated from a bottom that closes at the crotch thanks to small snaps (some bodysuits do not have snaps). So you can wear your bodysuit directly on the skin for a more aesthetic result or with panties underneath. It's up to you, as long as you feel comfortable.