How to choose night lingerie?

Nightwear is a classic in women's closets. Whether you're looking to seduce your significant other for a special occasion or just want to enjoy a restful night, you want to wear undergarments that are comfortable and attractive.

Here are some tips on how to choose your nightwear.

The different types of nightwear
When it comes to night lingerie, there are a lot of possibilities: from the classic pyjamas to the sexy babydoll, including the combo-short, the XL shirt or the lace camisole, the choice is wide!

Among the great classics of night lingerie, you will of course find the negligee. This chic and sophisticated set subtly reveals your silhouette for a very seductive effect.

The lace or cotton camisole is a garment that can be worn at night as well as during the day. Combined with sexy shorts or pretty panties, it will give you a look both seductive and comfortable.

For a romantic evening, we recommend you to opt for a babydoll: it is a short, transparent nightie, generally half-open at the level of the stomach. It is an irresistible nightwear that knows perfectly how to emphasize the body of women, whatever their morphology and their bra size. It is a piece that you can wear on your wedding night!

You will find in the market several variations of these pieces of night lingerie. Thus the kimono is a very chic and comfortable variation of the negligee, it allows you to gradually reveal your most beautiful underwear. The teddy is also a very sexy alternative to the top and shorts set, with its combination effect it is perfect to add a sensual touch to your nights.

Which night lingerie is the most comfortable?
If the sexiest lingerie is now designed to be perfectly comfortable, there are of course models and materials more pleasant to wear at night.

The pyjamas are of course a very comfortable night lingerie. It comes in many styles.

The set of shorts and top is the perfect combination of sensuality and comfort. There are lace or satin caracos very sexy that you can associate with a matching short more or less short and more or less tight.

The nightgown differs from the classic babydoll by its great comfort. It can be a cotton nightgown slightly longer than a t-shirt. Some models even take the cut of the male shirt to adjust to the female body.

The nightie: a classic of nightwear
The nightie is an essential nightwear, it can be both sexy and very comfortable. With thin straps and a very seductive neckline, the nightie is an unstoppable seduction asset that suits all body types! You will find it in silk, lace, cotton or satin to vary the pleasures.