How to choose my bra ?

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The right bra does not only depend on the size and the way you wear it. To find the perfect bra, you also need to know the different bra shapes so you can choose the fit that best suits your breasts.

Every woman should be able to find the bra model that will give her comfort, support while enhancing her breasts.

There is no ideal shape or size, but only beautiful breasts rich in diversity! Lingerie Sipp offers you some advice to find the right bra: the one whose cut will be the most adapted to your chest. And thus guarantee you a perfect support and comfort!

Which shape for which breast?

Once you've identified your ideal bra shape... let yourself be tempted
by our selection of bras!

basket bra
The corbeille bra
The basket bra is suitable for small and medium breasts. The straps are attached to the ends of the cups and the seam is located just above the tip of the breasts. It enhances the chest and sublimates it with a nice rounded shape. You should know that there are preformed models (shells) just as flattering for your chest.

On the cover photo (from l. to r.): Simone Pérèle Nuance Noir basket bra
Prima Donna Twist Treasure Coffee basket bra

balconnet bra
The balconnet bra
The balconnet bra, also known as the "semi-embracing" bra, combines the seduction of the corbeille shape with optimal comfort. Unlike the basket bra, this underwired bra is made up of 2 parts: the lower part supports the bust, offering a nice curve, while the upper part dresses the breast. It offers an assertive neckline without increasing the volume of your chest. Ideal for small breasts. Nevertheless, there are models adapted to generous breasts, which perfectly encompass the breast to ensure an excellent support.
pushup bra

The push-up bra
The purpose of the push-up bra is to shape and center the breasts. The foam can be integrated directly into the cup or via removable pads. This model allows you to enhance your cleavage by visually adding volume. It is a real asset of seduction!

 interlocking bra

The interlocking bra
The interlocking bra is a classic model in its shape. It follows the shape of the breast and maintains it perfectly. Specially designed for generous breasts, it will ensure maximum support while enveloping your chest without compressing it.

 bandeau bra

The bandeau bra
The bandeau bra offers a straight neckline with or without straps. It is the ideal bra for small and medium breasts. Some Prima Donna models are adapted to generous breasts like the Satin bra without foam and the Pearl bra with foam.

triangle bra 

The triangle bra
The triangle bra is without foam and without underwire. It offers a very natural look. It is ideal for small breasts that do not need much support. It comes to marry the shape of your breast with naturalness and delicacy.

The scarf bra is often confused with the triangle bra, because it has a similar shape. However, unlike the triangle, it is a bra with underwire. Made of soft whalebones, it offers a good support to all breasts. Its sensual cut offers you a perfect comfort while sublimating your cleavage. Don't hesitate to wear this cut, a great trend for several seasons!

 minimizer bra

The minimizer bra
The purpose of the minimizer bra is to reduce the volume of the chest and to distribute its mass without compressing it. In addition, it has the advantage of having no seams to round out your chest. If you think your breasts are too large, this model is specially designed for you! It allows you to visually reduce the size of your chest. And it's very comfortable to wear.

 bra without underwire

The non-wired bra
The non-wired bra is suitable for all types of breasts. It is ideal for you if you can't stand underwires anymore. An excellent support is ensured thanks to the width of the straps which, in general, adapts to the average cups. But also by the presence of an elastic under the chest.

Know that there is a wide choice for all shapes of breasts, and for all times of the day. Indeed, the bra without armatur