How to choose lingerie online?

Many women are now opting for lingerie models that they find on the internet. This solution, which avoids the rush in the store, will also give you the opportunity to take all the time you want to select a lingerie that will perfectly match your morphology and your desires.

We explain everything you need to know before choosing your lingerie set online.

How to choose your lingerie size online?
This is the first criterion to consider when choosing lingerie online: your size and shape. To choose lingerie sets in which you will feel sexy and comfortable, you must choose the right bra and panty size.

Know that women's lingerie adapts its cuts according to your morphology. Also, women who have a large chest will prefer underwired bras that cover more of the chest while women who have a small chest will opt for push-up bras. Many women don't choose the right bra size. So, before making your choice online, don't hesitate to take your measurements: a bra that fits you perfectly will be much more comfortable to wear!

The different types of lingerie sold online
Online lingerie has the advantage of being extremely diversified, which is why it is possible to find models that you won't find as easily in stores. At Estella, you will be able to choose your lingerie according to several criteria. First, you can select your lingerie by theme and choose a model that corresponds to your desires: lace, wedding, large size, leather and latex or special Valentine's Day.

You will then be able to choose a lingerie model that will suit your body type as well as your current mood: bodysuit, corset, suspenders, push up bra, sets, thong, panties, shorts or bodystocking. On the Estella online store, you will also find a large collection of sexy lingerie and nightwear to make your other half's head spin!

What color lingerie to choose?
Online lingerie stores offer a wide range of underwear. Also, you will be able to select several colors of lingerie according to your desires and preferences.

White, red or black lingerie is of course a classic in online stores. If the red color is an unstoppable sensuality asset, the white will bring an additional touch of elegance while the black will make you more mysterious! The midnight blue sets are also very appreciated for their mysterious, elegant and particularly sensual style.

If you want your lingerie to be as invisible as possible, opt for nude or flesh-colored sets. As soon as summer arrives, don't hesitate to adopt a more colorful lingerie whose tones will match the colors of your clothes.