How to choose large size lingerie?

Lingerie designers are developing more and more underwear models dedicated to plus sizes. All morphologies are honored! Whether you are thin or round, it is important that you feel sexy and comfortable in your lingerie. But then, how to choose your plus size lingerie?

Here are some tips on how to choose a lingerie collection that will perfectly fit your body type and bust size.

The different shapes of plus size lingerie
There is a very large number of models of bras large size. You think that women with large breasts must wear bras with underwire? Think again! There are now models of bras without underwiring that are perfectly adapted to large breasts and that provide optimal support throughout the day. Interlocking bras are also ideal for larger sizes, as they cover the bust while maintaining it and offer unbeatable comfort. Interlocking bras are very popular with larger-breasted women because they cover the entire bust without compressing it.

To choose a bra that won't hurt and will support your breasts well, make sure you choose your exact size and pay attention to the width of the straps. Straps that are too thin can hurt your shoulders.

As for panties, look for sculpting undergarments, for example. This type of lingerie enhances your shape while allowing you to stay comfortable all day long. Beware, the sculpting or shaping lingerie has nothing to do with the sheathing panties! On the contrary, a sculpting panty will draw your generous curves by sublimating them. There are also thongs, thongs and sculpting briefs designed to enhance the buttocks and create a second skin effect.

Don't hesitate to ask your local store for advice!

Lingerie large size to highlight the forms
Don't doubt it anymore: plus size lingerie can perfectly enhance your generous curves. So, don't hide anymore and dare to wear a large size lingerie that will sublimate your curves.

The corbeille bra is the model par excellence to highlight the forms. We recommend it to small and large breasts. The corbeille or balconnet cuts will give your body a sexy and glamorous style by letting the top of your chest show.

If you want to reshape your breasts, opt for a push-up bra. This type of model sculpts and enhances the chest to create a harmonious curve. Large push-up bras are especially recommended for women looking to regain a firmer chest after pregnancy.

To turn your other half's head, adopt the guêpière! It's the perfect charm to enhance your firm, beautiful breasts while erasing all those little flaws you don't like to see in the mirror!