How to choose a lingerie suit?

The jumpsuit is a great classic of lingerie, it can take different forms. It can indeed be what is also called a bottom of dress: a garment close to the body that allows to hide underwear especially when you wear a dress a little transparent. When we talk about jumpsuits we can also include sculpting girdles and bodystocking.

But then, how to choose a lingerie suit? For what shape and what material to choose. Which model to choose to be ultra sexy?

The different forms of lingerie suit
The suit is a lingerie accessory that allows women to sculpt their figure and hide imperfections. It is also called a girdle or a body. Unlike the girdle, the bodysuit can also be used as a top: thanks to its sexy and elegant shapes, the bodysuit can indeed be associated with pants or a skirt. The girdle is a model of combination which can be slimming or sculpting, it will thus be able to attenuate the small defects or to emphasize the curves of the body. The sexiest jumpsuit is of course the bodystocking which literally means "body tights": this jumpsuit covers the whole body leaving only the naughtiest parts of the body visible. The bodystocking is more or less openwork depending on the model.

What material for a lingerie suit?
Lingerie suits are available in several types of textiles. The material of the suits varies according to their use. For example, a girdle-type suit is made from a fabric that fits the body perfectly while allowing the skin to breathe. Bodysuits are made of cotton as well as lace.

The bodystocking is often made from light and thin textiles since it is initially a combination that is inspired by the classic tights. It can be lace, spandex or fishnet for an even sexier appeal. The bodystocking is sewn in materials that stick perfectly to the skin, so you can easily slip your sexy jumpsuit under your clothes to surprise your other half.

The sexy lingerie suits
Among the different models of suits available on the market, the bodysuit and the bodystocking are among the sexiest. Nothing more sensual indeed than a bodysuit worn under a fitted jacket! In lace or satin, the bodysuit is a sexy asset for your romantic evenings. The bodysuit can be more or less indented, it ideally sublimates the shapes of the body to give a mysterious and sensual effect.

The bodystocking is the ultimate sexy lingerie combination. This model of combination has to cover the whole body, it lets subtly show the shapes of the body and sometimes reveals only the chest or the sex. The bodystocking has the advantage of being a real second skin, it refines the line and highlights the curves of the body.