How to choose a lingerie set?

Choosing your lingerie set can be a real headache, especially if you're looking for underwear that is both comfortable and sexy. It can also be difficult to find your size, it is estimated that 8 out of 10 women wear a bra size that is not adapted to their morphology and their silhouette. The fabric of your lingerie also matters a lot in the choice of your set, the textures can indeed play an important role as well for the comfort as for the aestheticism.

Here are some tips on how to choose your sexy lingerie set.

The lace lingerie set, a classic
The lace lingerie sets are great classics of seduction, they represent the perfect alliance of charm and sensuality.

Lace is a precious fabric that has been used in lingerie for many years, it is synonymous with luxury and delicacy. The lace lingerie knows perfectly how to emphasize your silhouette and your chest, because it perfectly hugs the curves without ever hindering the movement. The lace lingerie sets also have the advantage of adapting to your morphology and slipping discreetly under all types of clothing.

When choosing your lingerie, you can opt for different types of lace. Some bras are handmade while some are mechanical. You will also find different textures of lace lingerie, some are more or less soft and stretchy. Calais lace, for example, is known for its very high quality textures that reveal sexy silhouettes while fitting perfectly to the size of your chest.

Lace lingerie also comes in multiple patterns. Geometric or floral, they can be enhanced with colored threads.

Adopting a set of lace lingerie is undoubtedly choosing a timeless and timeless underwear. You will never get tired of your lace bra and will always remain perfectly comfortable and sexy.

The transparent lingerie set, a seductive asset
More recent, the transparent lingerie sublimates your body while delicately. The delicate transparency of a transparent bra is perfect to subtly let your breasts show.

Seductive and intoxicating, transparent lingerie ideally embellishes your body. Depending on the opacity of the fabric, it lets you see your skin with a bit of mystery or shows off your breasts in an ultra sexy way.

The transparent panties and bras are far from being vulgar, the models that we now find are refined and sexy at the same time. They are designed in light and thin materials, sometimes without underwires for optimal comfort. A set of transparent lingerie is also perfect to slip discreetly under all types of clothing. Sheer lingerie is indeed known for its lightness and for its ability to remain invisible, it melts on the skin and often adapts to the skin tone.

Note: sheer lingerie sets are perfect for small breasts that do not require underwiring.