Find the lingerie set of your dreams

Model wearing a black lingerie set by Aubade
Every woman is different: she has her personality, her needs, her tastes... The designers of the big lingerie brands have understood it well. They propose consequently a vast choice of underwear. Dessus Dessous offers you a selection of lingerie sets, designed for all tastes and all morphologies.

Choose the lingerie set that suits you
The ideal lingerie set must allow you to feel seductive, but also to feel comfortable. Choosing your lingerie is primarily a matter of taste: you can combine any type of bra with any type of stocking. Smaller breasts can go for the triangle bra or the bralette or the push-up, balconnet or corbeille. Do you have a large bust and are looking for plus size lingerie? Turn to bras that offer good support and optimal comfort. Large bras are the perfect match: with a wide back band and wider straps, they distribute the weight of the bust better. Turn to deep-cup, underwired or push-up bras.

Find all lingerie on Dessus Dessous
Each type of bra offers a different neckline, so feel free to browse our guide to find the one that suits you.

Model wearing a black bra from Maison Lejaby
Now let's move on to the bottom. Here again, there are several choices available to you. Those who are looking for a low-cut model will turn to the thong or the tanga, while those who prefer comfort above all will favor the panties or the briefs. You can also fall for the high-waisted panties and its vintage side, or the shorty or boxer, more covering, perfect for those who would like to hide their little complexes.

A lingerie set with captivating patterns
Colors for a lingerie set like black, red or white are timeless, while purple, green and blue are increasingly popular. Each new season brings with it new colors: pastel tones in spring, bright tones in summer, ochre and orange tones in autumn and darker tones in winter.

Model wearing a lingerie set with captivating patterns from Simone Perèle
In addition to colors, lingerie is sometimes artistic and fancy, with sensual graphic prints. Mismatched lingerie is also a big hit. For example, you can match a black bra with colorful or patterned panties and vice versa. Finally, there are unique pieces, very worked, called tattoo effect. All in transparency, the models of the Fleur de Tattoo and Nuance noir ranges from Aubade and Simone Pérèle are quite representative of this type of underwear. Transparent, in very fine ornamented tulle, they fit well the shapes and sublimate the chest.

The indestructible lace lingerie set
Model wearing a lace lingerie set by Simone Perèle
The lace has gradually imposed itself in the world of lingerie. Little by little the lacing technique, used to close corsets, is fading away to make way for industrial lace lingerie. The patterns and colors (see for example this superb duck blue lace collection by Simone Perèle) are modernized over the years. The models proposed are more and more numerous. The lace underwear are imposed as the chic and sexy pieces of lingerie. They are worn by all women, whatever their age or profile. However, lingerie is not the most comfortable material. Many women prefer the comfort of cotton sets.

The cotton lingerie set for unparalleled comfort
Cotton underwear is definitely the most comfortable underwear.

Some materials, such as lace or tulle, tend to cause discomfort or even itching for some women. Cotton is so soft and supple that you can hardly feel it under your clothes. Cotton lingerie is not known for being sexy. However, there are some great pieces. Discover for example the Lise Charmel and Maison Lejaby collections in cotton. You will be surprised by the naughty side of these pieces!

A set of lingerie for the D-day
Wedding lingerie has to be both irresistible... and comfortable. Impossible, you say? Think again: there are hundreds of bras and stockings for brides. Bandeau, push-up, garter, g-string, panties, shorty... It's up to you to choose pieces that you feel comfortable in (and preferably that match your dress).