Discover the half-cup bra

MAnnequin lingerie wearing a black half cup bra from maison close

The half cup bra... you've heard this term before in a lingerie store, but you don't see what kind of bra it is? We explain it all in this new article.
What is a bra cup?
The bra cup is a piece of fabric whose function is to support the breast. It surrounds the breast, supports it and enhances it. It is important to choose a bra size that is adapted to your breasts so that they are perfectly supported, but also to avoid back pain (especially for women with large breasts).

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What is a half-cup bra?
Mannequin wearing a half-cup bra flesh color

Now you know what the bra cups are. But what is a half-cup? It is simply a particular form of cup revealing the top of the chest. It has an indented shape that stops under or at the nipple. There are two types of half-cup bras in the world of lingerie: the open bra and the basket bra.

The different existing half-cup bras
Let's take a closer look at the specifics of the different half-cup undergarments.

The corbeille bra
Model wearing a half-cup bra from the Lise Charmel floral dressing collection
Mannequin wearing a half-cup bra by Lascana
The corbeille bra reveals the top of the chest. With or without underwiring, it enhances the breasts by exerting a slight pressure on the bottom of the chest. It accentuates the curved effect thanks to a vertical seam placed in the center of the cup, but also thanks to the bra straps placed at the end of the cup. Perfect for round necklines, this bra is suitable for small to medium breasts. It ensures a good support while highlighting the chest. Glamorous and sexy effect guaranteed! More and more widespread, this low-cut bra is available in many models: lace, patterned, underwired or without, it adapts to all desires.

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Open bras
Model wearing a red open bra from Maison Close

Also known as an open bra, this half-cup bra is a key piece of sexy lingerie. The opening of its cup is more or less important depending on the model chosen: it is sometimes called a quarter-cup bra, depending on the opening on the chest that this type of underwear presents. These are most often quarter-cup bras, although they are found in the half-cup category. We classify this type of bra in the category of fine lingerie, that is to say seductive lingerie. Its sensual shape makes it a perfect charming asset for a naughty evening with your lover. You want to play the seduction card thoroughly? Combine this underwear with garter belts, transparent or fishnet stockings, a pretty thong, a string or beautiful panties.