Choosing a lingerie gift according to the stage of your relationship

Choosing a lingerie gift according to the stage of your relationship

Whatever you need to buy, start with the idea that a woman will like pretty, practical lingerie first, especially if your relationship is just beginning. Only go for ultra sexy lingerie with a motivated partner who may have asked for it or who you know can pleasantly surprise with this kind of gift. The idea is to please her above all, and stick to her personality, even if you would have liked something else. From delicacy to extravagance, each thing has its time, depending on the stage of your relationship and her age as well.

. Beginning of the relationship: a wise teddy or bodysuit to start with.
You have known each other for a short time and you have been dating for a few weeks/months and you want to give her lingerie for the first time.

Offer him a wise satin babydoll with some lace details, you will have the pleasure to enjoy it maybe the same evening!

And why not a bodysuit? It is a flagship piece of the season, halfway between underwear and ready to wear as long as it is made of lace, but not too sexy either. She will be able to wear it under a pretty sweater and let you see a piece of lace and suggest you to see a little more when you will be in private tête-à-tête.

Choose fresh and classy pieces, no matter the color and if you are afraid to make a mistake, nude or black for the teddy or bodysuit.