Best Running Tights

Best Running Tights

Technology has penetrated different industries to offer better quality products with more effective benefits. Of course, the sports industry market has joined this whole process of improvement in terms of advancing the quality of the products they have to offer. All this has taken time and effort to make way for research and innovation with lighter, stronger and more ideal materials for each particular discipline.

In this sense, the running world has also jumped on the bandwagon of innovation and application of engineering research in its clothing. In fact, each garment is more efficient and comfortable to run in. In all cases, the goal is to provide runners with better tools to improve their performance in training and competition.

Of course, running tights are an essential part of clothing. Obviously, they have undergone significant changes in their design, materials and clothing, with brands always aiming to offer a better quality product to runners. Thus, the offer of running tights for men is very wide, so you need to have an objective criterion to choose the one that best fits the needs of the type of runner.


Considerations for choosing running tights for men

In today's market, there are different options for men's running tights that meet the specific needs of different types of runners. So, below, some aspects are important to choose an ideal mesh based on its material, design, weight and other criteria.

Material of construction
Some men's running tights should be made of a fabric that has an investigation behind in terms of breathability and comfort. Of course, those that have a good ventilation system are ideal for keeping your legs cool in any temperature.

Plus, some have the added feature of automatically regulating temperature to keep your legs warm in colder climates. Without a doubt, these tights are ideal for running in winter or in areas where temperatures remain low.

There are different lengths when you browse the catalog of men's running tights, some of which go up to the knees and others to the ankles. Therefore, short length leggings should be chosen when the interest is to keep the upper leg area sunken, that is, the quadriceps.

On the other hand, medium length tights are the most practical for protecting the knees, especially when you have a history of injuries in this area. Finally, long leggings cover the ankle, making them the ideal choice for putting pressure on the calf area.

In general, it is a personal decision of runners as to the length of their tights, some prefer long tights, others short, their decision is usually driven by the comfort and pressure needs of their muscles.

Aesthetic Features
Runner's clothing has different design styles to suit runners' aesthetic tastes. Therefore, it is important to choose the one that best matches the style of the rest of the clothes to have good combinations.

At the same time, there are some that have pockets to store small items during training. In addition, night runners often choose those with light sensitive details, i.e. reflective stripes to be easily identified in low light areas or when running at night.

Comfort and fit
Men's running knits should be comfortable enough that there are no obstacles when walking the miles. In this sense, the material and design should be designed to provide the greatest comfort possible. It is also important that they fit well on the leg to have total freedom in the strides.

In addition, the most comfortable are those that feature virtually invisible and intangible seams. All this will make training or competition more comfortable, using well-fitting tights.




Why use running tights?

Sportswear is specifically designed for each sport in which it is used. In the case of men's running tights, they have different benefits when used during training or competition. Without a doubt, they improve runners' performance, making them more efficient and adjusting their lower body muscles to increase their potential.

To begin with, most of them are made with special fabrics that increase perspiration due to their ventilation capacity, so they are ideal for absorbing perspiration and do not represent a discomfort during training. Similarly, moisture is a problem that is also eliminated thanks to the mesh.

At the same time, they are a piece that offers a special fit to the different areas they cover. In the case of long leggings, they can provide extra support to the knees, calves and even the ankles, thus preventing injuries and allowing muscle development to be much more effective. At the same time, they not only offer support, but pressure is another of their advantages, allowing to eliminate any unnecessary movement of muscles that are not well worked and have a lot of fat.

On the other hand, running tights for men have the function of giving a better posture when running. Thus, injuries or the adoption of an incorrect posture leading to a decrease in the effectiveness of training are avoided. All this, thanks to the support structures they have in the abdominal area and others are reinforced to provide support in the lumbar region or even the lower back.

In addition, the tights serve as protection in the crotch. Thus, they help to avoid any type of irritation that may result from friction, in particular, times with high temperatures produce burns as a result of friction. Likewise, the self-regulating temperature system that some men's running tights have keeps the body warm, ready to train and the muscles active.


Some running tights for men

The market for men's running tights is quite large. There are different options that differ in sizes, materials, designs and comfort. Therefore, it is worth listing some models that lead the offer because of their quality and level of fit.

The brand of our selection has a good catalog of running tights for men, hopefully, they have a good level of quality due to the trajectory of the brand, differentiating itself as one of the leaders in the production of sportswear. In addition, they have a clear focus on constant innovation, giving runners better materials, where lightness and comfort are their main goal.

Well, Own The Run long tights are a great option, they have a perfect fit to give greater freedom of movement in the strides. Also, the AeroReady material is unique to the tights in our selection and features a higher level of breathability than the competition.

These men's running tights are perfect for runners who want a very precise fit, as the cut of this mesh is high. These are long leggings that help cover the ankle and support the calf area. On the other hand, they have an elastic waistband so that the fit in this area is also perfect and the important thing is to run distances without worrying about rearranging the mesh.

Of course, comfort and fit are again one of the most important benchmarks of these tights. In addition, they also have a snug fit to give the runner the peace of mind they need with every stride.

At the same time, these are tights with good breathability because they are made with an exclusive Adidas fabric called AeroReady, offering good ventilation in different weather conditions. In this case, Adidas has included three pockets, one of which has a zipper, specially designed for the cell phone because it is anti-transpiration.

For their part, these tights come in short and long versions. Thus, runners can choose those that best suit what they want. In any case, the fit of both models is fully guaranteed.


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6 training tips for abs

The expression "abs are made in the kitchen" is true, but it's just as important to make sure that the exercises are done correctly, and in the right position, in order to strengthen your abs, lumbar region and spine.

Here are 6 tips to better train your abdominal muscles:

1 - Maintain a maximum contraction
By maintaining a maximal (and voluntary) contraction from the beginning of the exercise until the end, you will work your abs more intensely and you will have less tendency to chain the repetitions. In other words, you won't be gasping for air.

2 - Move slowly
Making your movements slow and short increases the intensity of the contraction and minimizes the sway. Sway is generated by explosive movements, which are often fast and reduce the quality of your training and can obviously cause injuries.

3 - Maintain a constant tension during your sets
Abdominal muscles recover fairly quickly, so if you rest between reps, even for just a second, it becomes difficult to fatigue the muscle in a way that properly stimulates them.

Maintain a constant tension by stopping just before the end of the eccentric movement.

4 - Aim for quality, not quantity
The abdominals should be worked like any other muscle. That is to say that you must - as seen above - voluntarily contract them during your reps, but also, if necessary, use a load to allow them to develop.

Between 10 and 15 repetitions on each set is sufficient, provided you "hurt yourself", in the right sense of the word. If you train your abdominal muscles with a lot of repetitions, they will only be more durable, but not stronger or more developed.

5 - Keep your head in line with your torso
When you hold your head or neck, do not join your fingers together, this increases the risk of pulling on your head and disturbing your spinal alignment. Keep your head in a good position, place your fingers either behind your head or on your temples, or even better: cross your arms over your chest.

6 - Get the technique right
During most upper and lower abdominal movements, the spine flexes and the lower back rounds. Whether you're training on a bench, or on the floor on a mat, make sure your lower back stays flat and only raise your shoulders to perform your reps.

Pretend that you want your abs to touch each other... guaranteed to feel good!

A movement that is too complete (lower back lifted and chest raised to the maximum) does not contract, or at least does not stimulate the abdominal muscles very much, but it can increase the demand on the hip flexor muscles.