You don't need a reason to wear lingerie: you don't even need a sexual encounter in sight. Lingerie will put you in a sensual mode just by the simple fact of wearing it. But if that's not enough for you to take the plunge, we'll tell you what other benefits lingerie can bring to your day-to-day life.

Using lingerie in your daily life will bring you many benefits.

1. It will make you look and feel better, thereby changing your attitude.

2. It will strengthen your self-esteem.

3. It will help improve your self-confidence, even if it is something very intimate that not everyone can see, you know you are wearing it and that will make you feel powerful.

4. It is a complement to seduction.

5. It will help you to stimulate your imagination and with it your sexual fantasies. If you need inspiration, we tell you the fantasies preferred by women and the most common for men.

6. It will raise the temperature and arousal.

7. It will rekindle passion.

8. It will improve intimate relationships.