And if you wore your bodysuit in the evening!

And if you wore your bodysuit in the evening!
The bodysuit: lingerie or clothing?
The bodysuit has the wind in its sails for a few years, and today it tends more and more to leave the lingerie drawer. It is now worn as well during the day as at night, and now has even its place in evening wear!
However, it is important to choose the right evening bodysuit, to compose a harmonious outfit.

Choosing an evening bodysuit
During the day, you can choose bodysuits according to your desires, in cotton or ribbed fabric. For an evening, adopt a sexier look with silky materials, lace, embroidery and transparency.
If you want to emphasize your chest, you can wear a very low-cut bodysuit.
There are many ways to match your bodysuit with accessories, to get the perfect outfit.

How to match your bodysuit
The ideal way to look elegant and chic is to choose high-waisted pants to wear a bodysuit in the evening. You can opt for a low-cut bodysuit without hesitation.
Your bodysuit will also be perfectly glamorous with a skirt, length just above the knees for example.

Accessorize your bodysuit
If you want to be more comfortable to wear a lace bodysuit a little transparent for example, you can cover it with a small bolero, in order to play on the transparency, while maintaining the chic and sexy side.
You can also accessorize your evening bodysuit with a pretty scarf that will bring an even more refined touch to your outfit.

The embarrassment of choice!
All that's left is to choose THE perfect bodysuit for the evening you have in mind. Décolleté, choker, front or back neckline, lace, more or less transparent...

Here are some models of bodysuits that can be worn in the evening, to guide you in your choice:

To start, here is a very sexy bodysuit in black lace, offering a really original neckline and highlighting the chest. You can wear it with a bolero if you want to reduce its transparency. A refined bodysuit that will catch the eye!

Mapalé lace bodysuit
Mapalé lace bodysuit
You can prefer a slightly retro look with the lovely Moketta bodysuit. Featuring two beautiful lace necklines, it will highlight your chest, but also your back. The thin vertical lines on the front refine the silhouette. A bodysuit full of charm, ideal for a romantic outing!

Body Moketta Obsessive
Moketta Obsessive bodysuit
This two-tone bodysuit and bi-material black and flesh, will certainly make you fall in love with its plunging neckline to the waist and its black patterns embedded on the chest. Elegant and original, this bodysuit has everything to seduce you!

Two-tone Mapalé bodysuit
Two-tone Mapalé bodysuit
Here is another sexy bodysuit with a floral lace yoke on the chest. Its crew neckline gives it a chic look, and you can accessorize it as you please. A lovely bodysuit that will make you look good!

Mapalé black bodysuit
Black bodysuit Mapalé
To finish, here is Monica, a glamorous bodysuit in mesh and wet effect fabric. Sensual and original, it will give you a rock'n roll look. To be worn with a pretty scarf if you want to accessorize it. A bodysuit that will give you a lot of pep!