Men look at and love women's buttocks, no need to deny it, but the reverse is also true! The buttocks are thus the 3rd part most appreciated by the female population, then (and even if it is obviously not the only goal of the musculation), as much to grant them the importance which they deserve!

From an anatomical point of view, what is meant by "buttocks"?

The buttocks are actually made up of three muscles: the small, medium and large buttocks. It is the latter that gives the curvature and rebound, the other two being smaller and mainly dedicated to stabilization.

The gluteus maximus is the largest and most powerful muscle in the human body, so it is obvious that working and developing it can only involve a great deal of energy, and the stimulation of its fibers will only happen with sufficiently heavy loads.

What exercises to strengthen them?

No miracles then! Don't count on the side leg lifts so much appreciated by these ladies (by the way, the advice presented here is also valid for them!), because even practiced for hours, they will not have any impact on your muscles...you'll have to turn to the squat rack instead!

Indeed, this exercise has a double interest: it is the one that solicits the gluteus maximus, and its global action makes it a powerful hormonal stimulator whose benefits will be felt by all muscles, including those of the buttocks.

Squats galore...and add some extra lift, the other king exercise for a beautiful buttocks! Above all, once the technique is acquired and the gesture mastered, do not hesitate to load, to put heavy, do not lose sight of what was specified a little higher: it is the MOST POWERFUL muscle of the human body!

And to lose that little fat?

We have just seen that squatting and lifting are the two king exercises for anyone who wants to have a beautiful muscular buttocks, but they also have the capacity, due to the muscle mass that is heavily involved, to effectively stimulate the production of testosterone and growth hormone, but also adrenaline and noradrenaline.

The first two are the key hormones to act durably on the loss of adipose tissue: they order and promote destocking, and they help increase muscle mass and therefore the basic metabolism.

The other two (adrenaline and noradrenaline) act in the short term: provided they are present in large quantities, they have the ability to act on rebellious fat cells, those that resist your footwork for example. The latter will in fact mainly be used in the fats that are most easily released, but if they are placed just after a weight training session including squats and ground lifts, they will then benefit from the adrenergic boost and "tap" into the usually recalcitrant fats.