Summer 2021 : choose well your swimsuit

Summer 2021 : choose well your swimsuit

A swimsuit is chosen according to the color of the skin, its morphology, its use: swimming pool or beach with frequent swimming or not, desire to tan or not. But also according to his will to be sexy, to be noticed or to be discreet.

Why choose a brief

Swimsuit fashionable in the 70's and 80's, the swimsuit was gradually supplanted by long shorts, then by short shorts in the 90's and 2000. For a few seasons now, it has been coming back and has been adopted by a generation that rejected it for a long time. He emphasizes the virile attributes, which pleases some... but not others.
It has several advantages over other cuts. It is a logical choice if you like to swim often, because it dries faster, if you want to tan your legs and if you plan to swim in public pools since it is mandatory. Finally, it is probably the type of swimsuit that fits most people, whether you are long, stocky, athletic, etc..

Why choose a shorty or boxer shorts

It is a compromise between shorts and briefs, allowed in public swimming pools. When you're athletic, it gives a "James Bond" look at the beach. On the other hand, if you're thin, with thin thighs, it may yawn. If you are stocky, I also advise against it because it gives the appearance of a pudgy body.

Shorts and bathing trunks

They have been in fashion for the last twenty years. A short cut like tennis or city shorts brings an elegant style to the beach. If you are "strong", it is better to choose very short. Longer and looser, swim shorts are often the choice of young people. It allows to hide the top of the legs if you have a complex.

If you like to have the choice in the forms, I advise you the range of swimsuit for man Le Slip Français. The brand offers several nice models for this summer.

Which colors to choose?

In general, I advise against wearing colors close to your skin tone. The whole family of blues brings out the tan as well as the black. There's nothing like striking prints to stand out. If you prefer discretion, a basic plain is the obvious choice.

It's up to each person to make his or her choice. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your swimsuit.