Prostatic orgasm: how to stimulate your P-spot

Prostatic orgasm: how to stimulate your P-spot

Everything You Need to Know About the Male G-Spot

Nearly half of the world's population has one. Among them, too few dare to play with it and yet it can be a source of intense orgasms. This is of course the prostate. Here are NEON's tips for stimulating your P-spot (or your partner's).

Before we start talking about how to do good by the buttocks, two things should be noted. The first is that it's not only cisgendered men who have a prostate and are able to enjoy it: transgendered women do too. The second is that the desire to be penetrated and to have one's prostate stimulated has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Sodomy (which can also be appreciated by women) is a sexual practice among others. So yes, one can be a heterosexual man and enjoy anal penetration. In the same way, one can be a homosexual man (or bi, or pan, etc.) and not like it.

What is the prostate and how do you find it?

One of its functions is to produce prostate fluid, one of the components of semen.

The prostate surrounds part of the urethra. It is located under the bladder and in front of the rectum (so you will not touch your prostate in the rectum but stimulate it through the wall). Count about 5-7 centimeters from the anus to touch the P-spot.

What precautions should be taken before tackling point P?

First of all, you don't put anything in your buttocks for hygienic reasons to start with. But above all because you must avoid the risks of perforation of the rectum and the suction effect of your buttocks.
"The what effect?

Without a doubt, have you ever come across one of the top 20 objects (mascara, glass, telephone, etc.) that doctors have extracted from their patients' rectums (it's fun to read, but the after-effects can be serious for victims who are not well informed about their body's capabilities). That's how your rectum tends to suck up what you put in it (and since you're not a vacuum cleaner, it's more complicated than fiddling around in a bag or bin to get your favorite pen).

Therefore, prefer the insertion of fingers (or an entire hand, depending on your preference), a penis or a sextoy (phthalate-free) made for anal penetration. Plugs (not all of them are made to reach the prostate) and prostatic stimulators have a kind of base that guarantees that the toy will not be sucked into your body.

Other precautions to take include: using lots of lubricant (so that it doesn't hurt and so that it fits), keeping your nails short and filed (so that you don't tear the mucous membrane), wearing a condom for your partner (so that you don't get an STI) or for hygiene issues on your sextoy (or gloves for your fingers), etc.

If you are concerned about poop, a simple wash with water should suffice (poop is normally stored in the rectum only when you feel like going hunting). Aislim Emirzian and Charlie Glickman's Guide tabou du point P et du plaisir prostatique (ed. Tabou) gives you plenty of tips to prepare your ball before stroking. In case of an accident, well: it gets cleaned. If you're afraid of getting your sheets dirty, put a towel under your buttocks and don't eat spicy food just before you have sex.

To prevent possible pain during sodomy, some people use local anesthetics, poppers (euphoriant and vasodilator), etc. It is not advisable to imitate them, because it would be a shame to annihilate all your sensations, including pleasure (which is what you are there for). Also, because pain is a way for your body to tell you that something is going wrong.

How to stimulate your prostate

prostate and that you shouldn't put anything between your buttocks, the serious things can begin: its stimulation.

There is not only one way to have a prostatic orgasm (penetration being the best known), but two. It is, in fact, possible to stimulate your prostate (or your partner's) via massage of the perineum (the area between the anus and the testicles).

1- Stimulate your prostate with penetration

It is worth recalling the path to point P. You first fall on the anus (the orifice), underneath are two circles of muscles called the sphincters (they are the ones that allow the opening and closing and therefore the passages). Finally comes the rectum, which measures about fifteen centimeters. This tube, lined with mucous membrane, is however not straight (it is thus necessary to take care not to bump).

You know it well, except when you make a popo in the toilets, the sphincters hold well closed the passage towards the rectum. So to stimulate your prostate, you should not attempt penetration right away. Start by first massaging the anal area and the perineum, which are erogenous. More generally, combine this phase with exploring other parts of your body (or your partner's): the more excited you are, the more likely you are to be dilated. The goal is to relax and loosen the sphincters (breathing can also help).

Once relaxed, it's time for penetration. Take it step by step (even if you plan to use a penis or a sextoy, it may be more pleasant to start with your fingers), breathe (deeply) and accompany the penetration with caresses on the perineum and the rest of the body (to maximize the pleasure). Don't hesitate to let the rectum get used to being penetrated by not moving for a few seconds.

With your fingers, you will feel more easily if you are at the level of the prostate (and with excitement, it swells). There are different ways of satisfying the P-spot and it will depend on you and your partner: tapping lightly on the prostate, making circles, up and down or left and right movements, quick movements like vibrations or scissors, etc., or a combination of all of these. The most important thing is to start slowly and gradually increase the pressure and speed (allow yourself breaks, but when you or your partner feels you are going to come, maintain a constant rhythm). In any case, it is the penetrated person who must always guide: communication is important.

As for positions (alone or with two or more people), there are also many possibilities: missionary (with legs raised on the torso), doggy style, small spoons, lying on your stomach (buttocks slightly upwards), standing with one foot on a chair or a step, lying on your side, sitting on your partner (or your prostate stimulator), etc. For comfort and support, the cushions are your friends.

And remember: when it hurts, slow down or stop. When it bleeds, you stop. If what you put between your buttocks is too big, lower your ambitions and try smaller. Give your buttocks breaks (to chat, do other things with other parts of your body, etc.).

2- Stimulate the prostate through the perineum

The perineum is a very erogenous area, which does not always receive the attention it deserves. Whereas in individuals with a prostate, it is located a few centimeters above it.

The best way to find this sacred spot, which leads to prostatic orgasm, is to walk through the area when you (or your partner) are erect. Then simply follow the line under the penis that extends to the anus. By exerting pressure (initially light) in different places along this line, you will fall on an area that will feel particularly good. Intensify the pressure and massage with your fingers brushed with lubricant or massage oil. The two of you can accompany the massage with fellatio, masturbation, anal penetration, etc.

Note that stressing this area facilitates blood circulation and therefore leads to a firmer erection.

Are anal pleasure and prostatic pleasure synonymous?

Being sodomized and having the P spot tickled.
Indeed, anal pleasure can come from the simple satisfaction of being penetrated (a pleasure that people without a prostate can also feel), dilated and fulfilled (in the first sense of the term). Also, since the anus has many nerve endings, both men and women can enjoy simple external caresses.

Prostatic pleasure, on the other hand, comes from the stimulation of a specific area.

What does a prostatic orgasm feel like?

Some people who have reached prostatic orgasm describe it as more intense than penile orgasm, similar to waves extending from the lower abdomen to the rest of the body.

Prostate stimulation alone can also lead to ejaculation. But it is not automatic.

Your first few times may not be so good. Persevere if you feel like it (the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be to have pleasure). In the same way, you have the right not to like it, or not to feel anything in particular.