How do you grow a butt without surgery?

How do you grow a butt without surgery?

A phenomenon has grown in the world of physical fitness. More and more women and men are using methods to get a plump, bulky and shapely butt. While in the past, the standard imposed thin sizes without curves, today, thanks to big stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, the buttocks have taken on a whole new look. Today's women prefer to wear a slender, curved buttocks rather than flat buttocks with no defined curves. Several surgical methods have appeared to enlarge the buttocks, including buttock implants and injections. But nowadays, it is possible to enlarge the buttocks thanks to the Colombian facelift or by practicing sports.

The risks of surgical procedures to enlarge buttocks

Although surgical methods are the first before non-surgical methods are discovered, there are several risks involved:

The injections are made up of the patient's own fat for legal practice. However, many illegal practices use mineral oil, industrial silicone for a quick result with very dangerous side effects to health. The products in question not only disperse on the unaffected areas, but also reach the organs. This can cause infections, but also aggravated sepsis. There are also people who inject themselves with cooking oil, poultry broth and others, but this should be avoided under penalty of accident.
Implants, on the other hand, require surgery and a fairly long recovery period. The risk with implants is that they can break under the skin, either because of the quality of the implants, the surgical intervention or a too violent shock in this area. The contents of these implants can then spread under the skin and cause infections under the skin, but also in the organs.

Buttock fattening with the Colombian facelift

There is a method called Vacuum Therapy which consists of using suction cups to aspirate the area affected by an increase in volume. This technique is very popular for the gluteal area. Suction cups are placed on the buttocks and once the machine is started, suction is applied to the area to be treated.

This technique makes it possible to relocate the fat cells to the area concerned by the augmentation.
Cellulite in this area is also reduced.
Thanks to the production of collagen, the appearance of the skin is tightened, curved and the flaccidity is erased and the skin regains all its elasticity.
The major advantage of this technique is that the sessions are painless and do not require a long period of convalescence.
However, redness may appear or bruises may appear, but these disappear after a few days.
It takes between 6 to 10 sessions to obtain good results. It is recommended to maintain your buttocks by doing sports and having a balanced diet.

Growing buttocks through sport

It is entirely possible to fatten your buttocks through sport:

Specialized coaches can accompany people who wish to increase the volume of their buttocks. This can be done in a gym or at home.

Exercises are proposed only on this area in order to work the muscles, to mention only the famous squats. These are targeted exercises that will only affect the desired area.
The exercises need a follow-up, but also an appropriate diet.
Dietary supplements such as proteins are also used to gain volume on a targeted area and the result is remarkable when the exercises are respected.
However, it is a rather long process and requires a lot of patience and involvement. But in the end the result is worth the wait and the pain.
Using technology, coaches and culture enthusiasts have collaborated with several application developers to make the exercise programs available on smartphones, tablets and tablets. This allows users to practice their exercises anywhere, but not necessarily in the gym.
Sport should also be practiced in moderation to avoid accidents.

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