Enema instructions for him and her (1/2)

Enema instructions for him and her (1/2)

Here are a few practical tips for making an effective anal enema. An essential prelude to other games that we will work on this blog, such as sodomy, prostate massage or "fist". Every body is different, so the ways of washing vary. The Gay Typing is also a textbook of erotology.

Enema is a tribal practice, which should not be disgusted. It is the poetics of the entrails, the metaphysics of the membranes. One plays with one's poop, where it is poop, animal regression and brutal (mentally). Beyond consciousness and propriety. The enema consists of introducing a liquid through the anus, into the rectum and into the colon. Its purpose is to facilitate the evacuation of solid matter from the intestine. Today it is the successor to the clyster, which until the 19th century also referred to the syringe used to inject the liquid. Nothing prepares and relaxes better than a good enema. Apart from the hygienic and practical aspect, they can also constitute for some people a real preliminary which can be exciting. The sensation caused by an enema is very strange, it can be similar to diarrhea and cause spasms without gravity. It gives the sensation of being full.

"It often puts you in contact with shit, because even if the partner does an enema first, it sometimes remains a little (a lot) dirty and messy. When he-she surrenders to your hand, he-she knowingly gives up that form of dignity of hiding to defecate. Shame is therefore sometimes mixed with pleasure, an aphrodisiac cocktail. And the pleasure of being fisted is doubled by the pleasure of having exceeded the limit of good taste. Since you were a child, you were taught that poop is "poop". You grow up with the idea that your body produces toxic, dangerous, noxious, smelly and disgusting things. And, when you make love, you learn to reconcile yourself with that "bag of shit" that is your body, because the person who "poops" you does so by taking pleasure and giving you love. This body becomes the battlefield of contradictory feelings that are resolved by victory: if you cum, it doesn't matter if your buttocks are stained like your partner's hands, if you cum it's because there is a way to turn shit into gold. The "fist" comes from alchemy. "It's a work of sexual blackness." Agnes.

Depending on the amount of liquid injected, one gets a very particular impression of "flooding" and "filling". An exclamation often comes up: "I'm so full that I don't belong to myself anymore! Holding back is also very enjoyable.

It is better not to do this cleaning too often. It damages the intestinal flora. This is not good for your health and will cause intestinal disorders. You can partly remedy this by eating yoghurt and/or taking probiotics. Water destroys part of the flora, but it replenishes itself quickly.

The first ablutions are laborious, you can't always be clean. One progresses with experience and each body has its own particularities that it is a question of learning. It should be noted that enemas do not deform the organs and are not dangerous to health. The first step is to clean the equipment with a disinfectant to avoid bacteria and STIs. Enemas are not dangerous if a few rules are followed. Do not force the capacity too much (2 to 3 liters maximum).

After each session and each partner, the equipment should be cleaned by soaking it in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes. Then let it dry. Tackle your latex devices (tubing, probes, pears, retention balloons....)

Enema equipment

Three solutions exist on the market.

- The enema bulb; in different sizes, this is a pear-shaped plastic container with a screwable tip. The water is inserted by unscrewing the tip. The enema bag (or enema shower): this is a watering can or bucket that you fill with water, with a hose and a cannula. The shower cannula: made of PVC or metal (from 15 to 30 euros), it is a nozzle that is screwed to your shower hose instead of the shower head. The advantage of the cannula is that the flow rate is adjustable and the pressure is higher than the bock. Cleaning is faster. This indoor shower cleans you completely and thoroughly. Its nozzle makes it very easy to use without difficulty or discomfort. The hose is of standard size and is sold with its gasket. It connects directly to all shower hoses. Do not choose a too powerful flow so as not to damage your mucous membranes.