L Glutathione reduced

L Glutathione reduced

The benefits of glutathione - the king of antioxidants!


Glutathione is a protein naturally produced by the body. It is a tripeptide, composed of three amino acids: glutamate (glutamic acid), cysteine and glycine, and is involved in the transport of hydrogen. It is found in the cells of plants, animals and fungi. It exists in a reduced form (commonly known as GSH) and in an oxidized form (GSSG), these two forms balance each other.

Glutathione: Properties, properties and indications

Glutathione would protect the cells from oxidation. It would help to minimize the harmful effects caused by free radicals and limit the accumulation of toxins. By binding to some of them (heavy metals, solvents, pesticides ...), it would transform them into water-soluble compounds, easily eliminated by the emunctories. It would thus serve to preserve organs that are highly exposed to the sun, tobacco and various forms of pollution that are toxic to the body, as well as organs that suffer from certain disorders of the sugar metabolism or the intestinal sphere. The liver is the one that benefits from the main resource of glutathione. If it were to run out of glutathione, the organism would no longer be able to eliminate waste products, and its general well-being would then be seriously impaired.

Glutathione participates in transforming the oxidized form of ascorbic acid into vitamin C and in stimulating its antioxidant power. It also helps to restore the antioxidant action of vitamin E.
As a purifier for the body, glutathione helps the brain fight radical attacks against it. It would thus help to preserve from senescence the seat of thought and memory.

- Glutathione is believed to help slow down the irremediable process of cellular aging.
- It would help stimulate the body's natural defenses to fight cells that are harmful to its good health.
- It would intervene in the regulation of good cholesterol.
- It would facilitate blood circulation in the arteries, eyes and brain.
- It limits the damage caused by oxidative stress.
- Glutathione helps to detoxify the body, to regulate and regenerate its natural defenses.

Glutathione (GSH) is generally used in the form of food supplements. Certain trace elements can reinforce its protective role, such as zinc, copper, manganese, iron and selenium.

Glutathione-based dietary supplements can, to date, be consumed in total safety.

A bit of history

Glutathione is believed to have been discovered in the 19th century, in 1888 to be precise, but few scientists were really interested in its benefits until the early 1970s.

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