Work clothes that protect against the cold

Work clothes that protect against the cold

When it is cold, our physiological needs are not sufficient to combat heat loss. Not only environmental conditions but also individual conditions are fundamental, such as the level of physical activity, perspiration which can dampen the clothing and increase the sensation of cold, and the subjective preferences of each person.

There are some jobs in which you have to be able to withstand the cold all the time or at certain times of the year. Example: In the food industry, in agriculture, in construction, in factories... This type of work when it is cold, requires undeniably personal protective equipment and therefore clothing that protects from the cold.

Dressing in layers
If you have to endure very low temperatures, the ideal is to dress in layers. You start with the garment that sticks to the skin and add as needed, although in most cases three layers are sufficient :

First layer: The one that touches the body is one of the most important, because without a good material the sweat remains and that's how you get sick. It is better to opt for something synthetic and that dries quickly. It is very important to avoid cotton in this first layer because it does not breathe well and dries very slowly.

The second layer is the intermediate layer. Its main function is to help the first layer keep the body warm. The most used are the fleeces (polar fur), which keep the heat and dry very quickly.
The third layer is the outer layer. Normally, it faces the elements like rain and wind, so it is necessary to choose the necessary characteristics to slow them down. For this layer, it is necessary to use waterproof and breathable coats or jackets.