Winter clothing to face the cold with serenity

Winter clothing to face the cold with serenity

Required equipment or onion technique
Winters here are long and cold. One quickly forgets the style and glamour that will be clearly hidden under several layers of fabric. The most important thing, you will quickly understand, is to be warm, no matter how you look (within reason). Winter clothing must therefore be chosen with care.
Upper body: Insulate and breathe
Basic rule ? The 3 layers, in short we dress like an onion!

First a sweater close to the body to prevent the cold from passing. Be careful, choose an insulating and breathable fabric that can keep the heat while evacuating perspiration. Contrary to what you might think, you can sweat a lot when it's cold. For those who are the most cold, a set of thermal underwear like this fleece lined underwear

Then choose a warm sweater, a fleece or a thick woolen shirt such as a hood or jogging suit.

You can absolutely wear jeans in -20° weather. On the other hand, think of putting on tights or long underpants or leggings to be well insulated and avoid the bite of the cold on the skin of the thighs. Otherwise, opt for wool or velvet pants for example.

If it snows a lot or if the thermometer shows -30° and you go for a walk, the best option is simply to wear ski pants. And don't worry, nobody will look at you weird here with these!