Stylish men's coats for winter 2021-2022

Stylish men's coats for winter 2021-2022

Global warming is accompanied each year by the threat of an icy winter. The probability that we will experience increasingly harsh winters is very real. This means that we need to be well equipped with quality men's coats, both to protect ourselves against the cold and to avoid buying new ones every year, and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

Buying a coat is one of the parts we often like to buy the most. Thick, long or short, it's often a strong piece that makes a look all by itself. And during the winter months, it's your signature style. In addition to the look it gives, it must also be functional, because let's not forget that its primary function is to keep you warm.

How many coats do you need?

The subject of our carbon footprint is becoming more and more recurring, and everyone is starting to worry about it. In order to avoid buying parts that wouldn't be really useful or that we would have to change on a regular basis, let's ask ourselves how many coats we need to own.

Our wardrobe should include a selection that covers all weather conditions and thus allow for seasonal rotation, while adapting to various social occasions (from going out to the bar to your best friend's wedding).

As is often the case with clothing, what is true for one person will not be true for another. More concretely, before buying a coat, you should quickly consider your lifestyle to determine which pieces would suit you and all your activities.

As a basis for reflection, you can assume that an ideal wardrobe should contain a wool or cashmere button-down coat, which is an elegant piece for everyday wear and works just as well with a suit as a casual or smart-casual look.

Alternatively, you can go for a pea jacket, this crossover coat that was originally designed to be worn by naval officers. It will fit for all generations and will never go out of style.

Then you can turn to a piece that is both chic and masculine like a nubuck or smooth leather turned-neck jacket. If you choose one that is of good quality, you will still be able to wear it in 20 years.

Finally, you'll need a technical jacket that can either take the form of a parka or a zip-up jacket that ends at the waist or thighs. You'll be happy to find it when you ride your bike in the rain or simply when the weather is not very nice.

These three or four jackets can be a solid base for your dressing room. If you don't recognize yourself in all these options, don't worry. They are not the only choices available. Here are the men's coats that deserve your attention for this winter 2021-2022.

Here is a selection of men's coats designed to bring you style and warmth. Because if the winters have to be colder and colder, we will make sure that they are also more and more stylish.