Penis size in question

Penis size in question


Of all the questions that swirl around the minds of men, one of the most common tends to be “am I normal?”

You know, down there.

The world is obsessed with penis size. It’s hardly a secret.

Between the pills, pumps, stretch techniques and now surgeries hitting the market these days, many men feel inundated and confused as the penis facts.

With elements of self-esteem, pop-culture and self-consciousness all playing their part, it can get complicated, no doubt.

But when happy, healthy sex lives are the priority we value most, many people have a burning question. Does penis size matter?

Men often worry about the size of their penis, an important part of their body and their identity as a man. He worries about the size of his sex for himself for his pride as a man, but he also fears that he will not be able to make his partner enjoy his penis if his sex seems to be of modest size.

However, many arguments show that there is no correlation between penis size and sexual satisfaction of the partner. The relationship of trust, sexual experience and attention to the other person is much more important than the size of the organ.

Surveys have shown that women are less interested in penis size than men think. Some are afraid of a large penis with the idea that "it won't fit", that it will hurt. Others, on the other hand, are excited by the vision of a large penis size.

Female pleasure disconnected from penis size
Since vaginal penetration is the most intense moment of pleasure for a man (his penis is his most sensitive sexual organ), he imagines that it is the same for his partner and that the vagina is also the most important sensitive area for a woman. It is to badly know the female anatomy and the springs of its enjoyment.

The walls of the vagina (especially the inner two-thirds) have few receptors for touch and pressure, only the anterior wall and the G spot have them. Therefore, the size of the erect penis plays little role in the sexual satisfaction of the woman during coitus. In fact, for a woman, pleasure comes from the stimulation of several erogenous zones (the clitoris in particular). (See for this the clitoral orgasm - vaginal orgasm, the G spot, foreplay).

It can also be noted that studies have demonstrated the ability of the vagina to adapt to the size of the penis to some extent.

The variety of penises
Our way of life, always covered, prevents us from discovering the variety of genital anatomies. The shapes and sizes of the nose, hands, feet, breasts, are variable, as are those of the penis. No correlation could be established between the size of the penis and other parts of the body: the length of the nose, the size of the hands, the height of the individual, etc.

The size of the penis at rest is different from the size in erection, and there is no correlation between the two. A small penis at rest often lengthens more in erection, but a penis that is already long at rest will lengthen little or not at all in erection.

Men sometimes have the opportunity to compare their own sex to that of others, for example in showers after sports. However, for some, intense physical activity retracts the penis even more, so this comparison is meaningless since it cannot indicate the difference in size of the erect penis.

Another circumstance where a man can compare the size of his sex, this time erect, with that of another, is when watching pornographic movies. It is necessary to keep in mind that these actors are not in the average, they are chosen precisely for the advantageous size of their organ, they belong to the minority which is in the extreme. To take an analogy, in the case of shoe size they would be 54!

The size of the sex in numbers
The penis should be measured from the base of the penis against the pubic bone at the tip. If there is overweight, the penis cannot show its full length; a loss of weight will allow the penis to "grow" through the loss of the fatty tissue at the root of the penis.

Penis: it's not the size (of the shoes) that counts!
Various popular myths have linked the size of the penis to that of other organs: the nose, hands or feet. In the comedy "Lightning Strike in Notting Hill", Julia Roberts naively asked: "Do you know what they say about men with big feet?" Well, just like in the movie, the answer is certainly not what you might expect!

To establish whether this popular myth was based on "scientifically demonstrable" observations, two urologists measured the length of the sex of 104 men and also noted their size and age. All measurements were made on resting but "stretched" sexes. While the true size of the penis can only be determined in erection, the researchers indicate that their method remains a good indication of length. At the end of their study, these double-decimeter enthusiasts were able to determine that :

The average size found was 13 cm, but ranged from 6 to 18 cm;
The average sizes were 9 in English sizes, or 43 in European sizes. But by studying all the data, no correlation between the two measurements could be established. Science has struck again and it is indeed a new myth that is collapsing.

The Rare Truth About Penis Size

Are there safe, effective ways to increase penis size? Yes.