how to be a colored lens pro

how to be a colored lens pro

Put on false eyelashes, make a subtle contouring, fit in a girdle... and put on colored lenses! What do these beauty gestures have in common? All of them are, at first glance, as stressful to perform as a job interview. The key words here are "at first glance", because in the end it's all about patience and technique.

If we can't help you put on this girdle without losing your dignity (we gave up long ago!), we can make colored lenses your new beauty BFFs. How to choose them, how to put them on, how to take them off? Follow the guide and changing the color of your eyes will have no more secrets for you!

Match your eyes to your look
1. I think about the desired effect
I want a natural color?
We choose colored lenses that let the natural color of the eyes shine through. They bring visible colored reflections and slightly intensify the iris contour. Some models even superimpose 3 shades of the same tint inside the lens to maintain the illusion of naturalness.
The right lenses for me: Freshlook Colorblends, Air Optix Colors

I want metamorphosed eyes?
We recommend opaque lenses, which will completely cover your iris with your chosen tint. They're especially recommended for dark eyes or for those who want to try out more original tints like purple.
The right lenses for me: Freshlook Colors, Soflens Natural Colors

I want to enhance the color of my eyes?
Some lenses don't aim to change the color of your eyes, but simply to enhance it. With a contour ring or a subtle play of patterns, they will enlarge the eyes and give them light and depth.
The right lenses for me: Freshlook Illuminate, Freshlook Dimensions (for blue eyes only)