The best chino for men: which brand to buy?

The best chino for men: which brand to buy?

Chino pants is the best alternative to jeans.

Comfortable and elegant, they are versatile pants that can be worn at the office or with friends, in winter or summer.

But what is the best chino? Which brand to choose?

In this article, I tell you more about chino and give you a selection of the best brands of chino.

The origin of the Chino pants (in short)

Chino pants was invented by the British in the 19th century.

The reason?

The equipment of the English soldiers, then in India, was not adapted to the high temperatures. They then created the chino, a cotton pants. Lighter than wool pants (or jeans), the chino was adapted for hot climates.

Origine de l'histoire du chino pour homme

Originally sand-colored, the chino is also called "khaki" pants.

It was popularized by the American G.I. during the Second World War. (It is almost the same story as for the T-shirt, to discover here).

The tendency of the Chino then returns in the Eighties. It is the brand Dockers, created by Levi Strass & Co, which surfs then on the wave of the preppy style.

The Chino pants is well known today thanks to its versatility in terms of styles (preppy, workwear, or preppy).

It is also well appreciated for its practicality, comfort, and flexibility.

The different cuts of chino
There are many cuts of Chinese pants.

Tapered (or Carrot)

What is a quality chino pants?

When buying a chino, there are several criteria to look at to ensure its quality.

The material: 100% cotton is to be preferred for the chinos. But some brands offer materials sold as more "technical" because they add 4 to 10% elastane. This increases the resistance and flexibility of the fabric. (Not necessarily a bad thing).

The cut: Try chinos before you buy them. While the names of the cuts are fairly standard, chinos tend to be interpreted in different ways.

The zip: For durability reasons, it is important to have a quality zip. It is often on this detail that the life span of the chino can be played on.

The button: It is important to make sure that the button is well sewn. Purists will prefer buttons made of natural materials (wood or horn).

The seams: Make sure that the seams are regular. One place to check are the stop stitches on the edge of the pockets.

The inside of the pockets: To be sure that your chino lasts a long time, take a look inside the pockets. This is where a keychain can kill a pair of pants.

The different colors of chino
The chino was originally beige or sand.

You can now find it declined in all colors.

Beige: The beige chino is easy to match. It goes very well with blue, brown, black, or even red.

Ochre and persimmon tones: A variation of beige, these tones give a typical look preppy / gentleman farmer with American notes. More difficult to wear. They go well with blue and other shades of brown.

Navy blue: The navy blue chino goes everywhere. It is easily worn with white, blue tones, or even red or brown.

Black : Black pants can be the wrong good idea. It is more difficult to wear than it seems. I speak from experience. I've been there before. The best is to combine it with other black or white clothes.

Bright colors and pastel: Colored chinos are my favorite. They are easy to wear with a white or grey T-shirt. A piece of advice: a bright color at the bottom (salmon chino) preferably requires a more sober color at the top (white T-shirt).

Now that you know everything about chino, let's move on to our selection of brands of chino.

The best brands of Chino pants for men
The chino has such a reputation that many brands have specialized iWhat is a quality chinese?
n the creation of these pants.

Here is our selection of the best brands we have found (for different budgets).