What to wear to train at the gym?

What to wear to train at the gym?

Be comfortable to train and play sports
The goal is to be completely free of my movements without wanting to wear a tank top, even if I wear one when I work on my biceps.

If I decided to wear shorts it's simply to sweat less, especially when I'm working on my legs. There's no point in wearing something long like sweatpants that might limit my movements a bit.

Before each weight training session, I do about 5 to 10 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and sometimes on a bike and for this it is recommended to wear running shoes, important for your stability and especially your comfort.

For underwear, if you're wondering if you need to wear shorts or briefs, consider testing compression underwear. Short or long, Nike offers several models. Some athletes prefer to wear a jockstrap for comfort during sports sessions.

Now that you know what to wear for training, you just have to make your choice of materials and colors of the