How to choose the right outfits for sport?

How to choose the right outfits for sport?

That's it, you've made the resolution to (re)take up sport... Congratulations! But before you start your first session, you will need to equip yourself. No more jogging pants or an old t-shirt. No, we take out the adapted sportswear... Don't forget that certain equipment can optimize performance or avoid injuries. Come on, let's take stock of sportswear in style!
Long live the sports bra!

First of all, there is a must-have for women: the sports bra! No matter what kind of physical activity you want to do, your breasts deserve to be properly supported. Everyday bras are not necessarily adapted, especially because of the straps that tend to slip. It is therefore important to invest in a specific model. Questions to ask yourself, depending on the activity:

Do you need a light support (yoga, fitness...), a moderate support (cross-training, boxing...), a superior support (steps, tennis...)?

To protect yourself during jumps and vibrations, do you feel better with an underwire?

Are you less bothered by straps that cross your back or not?

On the side of textiles for sports, do you prefer the softness of cotton or the comfort of a more elastic fabric?

Last point: the waist! Your chest should be immobilized but not compressed. Before you buy, remember to measure your chest size (for the cup size) but also your back size to find the one that fits you best. Then, it's up to you to find the little look you like!