How can you have a nice butt when you're a man?

How can you have a nice butt when you're a man?

If you like to watch ladies' buttocks bounce, having a nice butt when you're a man is just as important!

So, how do you make your butt an asset?

Buttock muscles, it's an art!
Many men who go to the gym tend to focus on the upper part of the body: abs, pectorals, shoulders... And forget to work the legs and buttocks, whereas a good balance of the postural scheme is essential to avoid injuries.

Without forgetting that the buttocks are the third part of the body most appreciated by women! We let you guess the first two...

Several muscles in a buttock

The small, medium and large buttocks are the three muscles of your buttocks. The gluteus maximus is the most powerful and largest muscle in the human body! Nothing is more natural than to work it carefully and develop it energetically.

Stimulation of its fibers will only occur with sufficiently heavy loads. The other two muscles are smaller and are mainly dedicated to stabilization.

What exercises are needed to build up the posterior muscles?

Don't dream: having a nice firm buttocks is not something you can do by snapping your fingers! And don't bet on the lateral leg lifts so much practiced by these ladies either, because even if you put on weight this exercise will have no effect on your musculature...

Turn to the squat rack! Squats not only work the gluteus maximus, but also many other muscles: abs, back, thighs... This is what we call a multi-joint exercise.

The other exercise in the spotlight is the lifting of the ground. Once you have mastered the movement, don't hesitate to put heavy, that's what will give results, without exceeding the equivalent of your body weight to avoid injuries.