G spot in men: the secrets of prostatic orgasm

G spot in men: the secrets of prostatic orgasm

Men also have a G-spot... or rather a P-spot for "Prostate". Where to find it? Why is it erogenous? How to achieve prostatic pleasure without risk?

What is the human G-spot?
The G-spot of "Grafenberg", the name of the German gynecologist who described this erogenous zone in women, also exists in men. But it is called the P-spot for "Prostate" because it is the stimulation of the prostate gland -situated under the bladder and crossed by the urethra- that promotes sexual arousal and even a very powerful orgasm in him. The prostate plays a predominant role in a man's sexuality since it is the prostate gland that produces semen and participates in ejaculation (after filling the ejaculatory ducts, it contracts and prostatic secretions mix with the seminal fluid, the semen then reaches the penile urethra thanks to the impulse of the prostate).

Why is this point G or "P" erogenous?
The area surrounding the prostate is very innervated, "which is why a prostatic massage or sodomy can provide a very powerful pleasure", explains Dr. Patrick Papazian in his book "Prostate, the mysterious organ that wants you well" (Ed.L'Opportun). "Unlike the penile orgasm, turned towards the outside, the prostatic orgasm is deep, internal, proceeding by microcontractions to the point of no return", he explains. Before recalling that "in male pleasure, all the muscles of the pelvic floor play a major role, especially the muscles that lift the anus (...), thus making remote organs such as the prostate vibrate with pleasure. It is the whole perineum that is solicited during sexual intercourse." Note that prostatic pleasure often occurs without ejaculation.

"It's the entire perineum that is solicited during sexual intercourse."

How do we get to the G-spot of the man?

It is located inside the rectum, near the urethra and prostate. Prostatic massage can be done in two ways:

through the perineum, by pressing hard enough in the area between the anus and the testicles,
or directly through the rectum. This particularly sensitive area is tamed with great delicacy and softness. The gun dog position, the knees brought towards you, or the position on your back, the buttocks raised on a cushion, the knees bent or brought towards you, generally facilitate access to this erogenous zone. "In couple or solo, there is no need to commit to the performance side or to try to reach orgasm in 5 minutes. Relax, don't remain apnea-free, circulate the pleasure throughout the body and enjoy your sensations to the fullest," advises Dr. Claire Lewandowski, a doctor specializing in general medicine.

Preventing infections: risks and precautions

Stimulation of the male G (or P) point requires a few precautions:

This sensitive area must be gently massaged to avoid any risk of infection or tearing.
If you are using an anal sextoy, remember to equip yourself with a water-based lubricant that will make insertion easier. The sphincter muscles will become softer with lubrication.
Also remember to cut your nails and clean them well.
Avoid naughty toys that vibrate in this area or go gently, without too much to-ing and fro-ing.